Buying A Holiday Home To Let

Perhaps you want to join the bandwagon and buy a holiday home, it’s great news if you want to invest in holidays homes for sale abroad. It’s important to be aware of how you can buy a home abroad so take a look at these areas to consider when buying a holiday cottage to let.

Location – an important consideration when buying a holiday cottage to let

If you’re deliberating over getting a world property deal on a holiday cottage to let, the likelihood is that it’s going to be away from your current place of residence. This comes with some added considerations; areas popular with tourism often carry with them a premium price, and also require a local knowledge to ensure you’re in the right place. In some locations the difference a mile can make in potential rental value you can expect to gain, and the price you’ll have to pay can be massive. Ensure you do your research; speak with a number of local agents, and also visit a range of properties in the locality to allow you a greater understanding of the market. You want to make sure what it is you’re buying is going to give you an adequate return.

Size matters

Who is going to want to stay in your property, and does the size therefore make it suitable?  If your holiday cottage is likely to be full of young families from spring to summer then it’s vital you have the space in which to accommodate them. You may also want to consider the space outside of your holiday home; does it have a large garden in which children can play? Or where romantic couples can watch the sun set? Also bear in mind that the larger your holiday home is, the more maintenance and cleaning it will require. Who will be doing that for you? Are you factoring this into your on going running costs?

Local amenities

What is it that brings people to a certain location? Whilst getting the right sized property in the right spot will significantly increase your chances of bookings, it’s important to remember that guests will actually spend the majority of their time outside of your holiday home! Tourist attractions, restaurants and pubs, walks and beaches; all these things will make great selling points when it comes to marketing your holiday cottage and it’s vital that as an industry we all work together in order to promote the destinations in which we live and work.

Specialist Holiday Letting Insurance

Once you’ve found your perfect property, you’ll need specialist holiday home insurance to protect you from incurring financial loss if your property suffers an insured peril. Working with a specialist means they understand the risks you’re facing, and can provide you with the cover that you really need. Whether it’s Loss of Rent cover that ensures you don’t lose out should your holiday home become uninhabitable due to issues such as storm damage, or Accidental Damage making sure you don’t end up out of pocket if a guest damages your property, our team will speak with people just like you every day and will be able to help.

Overseas Mortgages: What You Need To Know

You can arrange an overseas mortgage through a UK bank or an international lender after you’ve used a company like to find your dream home. It’s also common to raise the funds to buy a home abroad outright by remortgaging your UK property. Here, we explain the pros and cons of each.

Remortgaging your UK home to buy an overseas property

Remortgaging your UK home can help you raise the funds to buy an overseas property outright.

Whether this is a sensible option for you will depend on your personal circumstances – including how much of your existing mortgage you’ve paid off and your current credit rating – as well as factors such as interest rates at the time you apply.

Borrowing from a UK bank to buy overseas property

All of the main UK high street banks have an international mortgage service, but you’ll need to find out which countries they operate in. Banks tend to only provide mortgages for purchases in countries where they have offices. While getting a mortgage in established overseas property markets such as France or Spain might be simple, it may be trickier if you’re looking further afield. 

Although the mortgage may be set up through the UK bank, you would deal with the foreign arm of the bank once the mortgage is arranged.

Arranging an overseas mortgage abroad

It’s possible to arrange a mortgage with an overseas lender using a specialist broker. These brokers can give you tailored information, including a list of estate agents or lawyers to use in your chosen country. Mortgage rates in some areas of the eurozone are far lower than in the UK, especially in established property markets with a wide range of mortgage providers, so you might get a better deal by borrowing abroad.  However, overseas mortgage brokers are not covered by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you would struggle to get any compensation if you were given poor advice. You should also consider the repercussions of borrowing in a foreign currency. If you do so, exchange rate fluctuations would affect your repayments.

Deposits on overseas property

The deposit needed for an overseas mortgage tends to be higher than you’d need for a standard UK mortgage. In Spain, it’s common for overseas buyers to pay 30%-40% of the property price as a deposit. In some countries, this deposit is non-refundable, so don’t hand over any money before you’ve negotiated an initial contract, and then only to a lawyer or bonded estate agent.

Moving abroad is feat enough in itself without using property finders like You should do whatever you can to ensure your property search is as easy as possible.

Festivals In St Johns

The beauty of the US Virgin Island’s isn’t the only thing that draws holiday makers back time after time. Many people come each year specifically to attend an event or festival. Throughout the month of December and into January, St Croix celebrates Christmas carnival-style with a series of events that are fun for the whole family. These include parades, the Miss St Croix competition, boat races, concerts, a culture night, Jouvert, a food and arts festival, and fireworks. The carnival itself has been running for over sixty years and each carnival has a different theme, keeping it alive and fun! In Tillett Gardens, concerts are held throughout the year and performances are usually musical ensembles and classical performers. These Art Alive Concerts are supported by the St John Blues Festival which features in March and has regional artists at Coral Bay Ball Field.

If you’re into music then the March Music Series is a winner as it’s all about promoting arts in the schools. Students take on different musical themes every year, studying music and attending lectures leading up to several public performances. There’s also an annual Love City Country Music Festival which happens in May so if you’re on the island at that time of year, you can attend and boogie the night away.

If sports is your thing, St Croix International Regatta is held in February. There is a series of yacht races and parties held and a lot of people come together to watch. There’s also a St Thomas International Regatta hosted by the St Thomas Yacht Club. This event takes place in March every year. You can also attend the Beach to Beach Power Swim in May. Swimmers get the chance to participate in a race between beaches set in the protected waters of the Virgin Islands National Park around St John. Participants can swim solo or as part of a three-person relay team and have three course options to choose from ranging from one to three and a half miles. Even if that isn’t why you’ve chosen to visit the islands, you may want to find out if there will be any celebrations going on during your stay. Staying at a bed and breakfast on the island like the one you can book at can be the best decision you may as you would be in easy reach of the events that allow you to experience local culture. You can sample regional fare, view handmade crafts and listening to Caribbean music. In the Virgin Islands, there are three categories of events and festivals that are particularly common: cultural celebrations, music festivals and sporting events.

Cultural celebrations include things like the Mardi Croix Parade which is an annual street parade which takes place in March. It features marching bands and Mocko Jumbies which are mythical African characters on stilts! There’s a huge carnival in St Thomas and it occurs between April and May and in St John is happens in June or July. Featured are street parades, live music, dancing, various competitions and lots of fun for all the family.

5 Ways Skiing Can De-stress You from the Tight Month of Work

When was the last time you had a refreshing getaway adventure from work? You can no longer remember on it because you are very stressed lately. How about taking a break? Sure, you deserve that. Adventure activities with nature are said to have a therapeutic effect on anyone who is experiencing drainage from work. The life in the office is too much to handle that people need some time to breathe fresh air and experience cool environment. And a perfect place to describe this adventure is beach getaway or skiing on the feet of Alps. Considering your location, the latter is best for you to have. To make you consider the idea, here are five ways how skiing can de-stress you.

1. Picture-perfect views are breathtaking! So sick from work? A skiing getaway will sweep the stress away! The picture-perfect view of mountains covered with icy white snow will give you a refreshing state of mind. Being closed with nature always has this effect of taking the stress out of anyone’s system. With these awesome views, you will also enjoy taking different pictures of you with the lovely curves and peaks of mountains. What to do next? Share it with your friends!
2. Fresh air to breathe is detoxifying. The life in the city is a little bit toxic than that in rural areas. Air contains pollution that is never good for anyone’s health. That is why escaping from the city now and then will be a perfect solution to detoxify yourself from the chaotic life in the urban. And you are assured to experience this when you have a getaway to the French Alps in South-east of the country. If you want to have a totally fab weekend, try chalet Samoens and enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air of the rural life from there.
3. The steepness of Alps just suits the fun. Skiing on the south-eastern part of France will give you a 0h-so-cool experience with their different steep. Depending on your adventure hype, you can always choose for the levels and intensity of fun. If you wish to know more about the adventures to have in south-east of France, feel free to view this site
4. Adventure is completely overwhelming. The experience in skiing is never complete without the breathtaking view from the heights. You will surely have the most adventurous experience as you come to jive and witness the beauty of French Alps on the horizon. The white snows are very inviting to plunge your body with like how cotton candy wants you to have a taste.
5. New friends are just one reach away. Skiing is never fun without you meeting new friends to enjoy the adventure. You can be assured that you will meet a lot of cool people from different countries and citizens of France that are born to ski on the south-east. Definitely, this experience will blow all the stress you have from the past weeks of snuggling on work.
If you want to have an awesome adventure to clear your head from stressful work, then skiing is best for you. A lot of people have patronized this adventure not only with its thrilling experience but because it relates them to nature. The natural environment always has this healing effect that gives a refreshing start for work-stressed individuals. That is why choosing a skiing place to visit and enjoy over the weekend will boost your mood on refreshment that is ready for the next week full-packed work.

What to Look for in Yacht Chartering Company

Are you planning to travel via yacht in the Greek Mediterranean? If so then you should definitely consider chartering a yacht. It provides many benefits over other options including other boats or purchasing a yacht. However, finding the right company can be tough since there are various options including Here are some key features to look for in a yacht-chartering company:

  1. Skipper

It’s always a plus when you’re able to choose a skipper. It’s a great choice if you want your vacation to be more relaxing or you don’t know how to sail. This is a great choice because there will be someone on board who can handle the sailing during the entire trip. You can literally sit back and relax knowing that the vessel is in good hands. While this will likely result in extra charges, it’s worthwhile if it means you’ll have a more relaxing trip.

  1. Vessels

There are different kinds of yachts when you charter one. Some examples include a monohull and catamaran. Make sure that you choose a unit that will best suit your needs during the trip. If that doesn’t happen you might have a less enjoyable trip, which is a situation you’ll likely want to avoid. Consider issues such as the size of your crew, the place you’ll be traveling, and so on.

You don’t have to become an expert about yachts when selecting one, but you should know the basics. This will help you to choose wisely.


  1. Destinations

Make sure to choose a company that has multiple destinations. You can even find companies that have various destinations throughout the world. This will help to make your voyage as enjoyable as possible. On the other hand, if you choose a company with few destinations the fewer options will likely result in a less enjoyable time. Instead, look for a company that provides a wide array of different choices to make your yacht chartering the best it can be.

It’s also a plus if you can view the top destinations of the yacht-chartering company. You might not choose one of them, but it’s important to see where the most popular destinations are. This will help you to decide if you should also go there or pick a different one.

  1. Fleet

It’s important for a company to provide basic information about its fleet’s vessels on the website. That includes information such as its base, max. Number of passengers, year of construction, etc. Having this information is critical so you’ll be able to make the best choice among the different yachts in the company’s fleet. It’s also a plus if the site includes a picture of the boat as well, so you’ll know exactly how the boat looks.

  1. Booking

Make sure to choose a company where booking will be quick and easy. It goes without saying that online booking should be available for people who want to reserve a yacht that way. You can also check the general vulnerability of certain yachts so you’ll have an idea when you can use them.

Apartment – Getting Started in Finding a New Place

Renting a well- rounded and appointed apartment takes a lot of research and at the same time brainstorming as to how you want to have a lovely place to live in. There are so many lists of apartments in the internet that can be found at which can be very confusing and you have no idea whether that place is safe or not. The history of the apartment which means the previous lodgers is also an important fact for you to gather information in case there will be any drawbacks, you will not be held accountable. Carefully proceed if you are planning to hire an agency in which there are some agencies that require a full payment like a month full pay before the date of transfer.

Identifying your personal preference is important because you are setting goals in your life and you will use this as your bases for achieving your dream apartment which can be found at However if you do not choose the type of apartment wisely you will end up paying monthly rental not enjoying anything and it will take more time again to save up if you ever wish to transfer. Here are few tips as you get started.


Apartment shopping- yes! You do not only shop clothes and other things through online. You can also look through the internet the many list of apartments that you will see. Consider the following in determining important facts as you search and these are good neighborhood, the flexibility of transfer, offers a low monthly rent pay, it have a good maintenance and management from the landlord, amenities are still working, your proximity from work and establishments. As soon as you have searched for a few apartments it is time for you to call each for inquiries and ask set of questions such as how many bedroom in one apartment, and the safety of the neighborhood. Sort out what best suits you, this is one way of getting organize and avoid any confusion. For some people driving around the area makes it more easy, so if you happen to be out, try to explore more of the area and perhaps you would see something that might interest you.

Among all the lists that you have listed, the next thing you do is to set for an appointment either to a Realtor or the owner of the apartment. This is one way that the owner of Realtor can discuss to you the terms and conditions while renting the apartment. This will also make you aware the do’s and don’ts while renting the apartment. Another way for you to feel secure is the complex structure of the apartment- is the building still in good condition? Like for example the landscape of the area still neat, the balconies and many more. Once everything is set for you, it would be best to ask for an application and inquire about deposits and payments. Having your own place to stay and get to enjoy the services is surely worth investing and is something that you have to proud of.

What Makes Melbourne Accommodations Different From the Rest?

In every travel and holiday escapade you do always want to feel the difference. You do always want to see different places and experience the difference in every food, culture, clothing, language and way of life in every area.  It is always good to see the difference in every place. This is what every tourist or traveller would want to experience. Meeting people can bring you good friendship and being in a different place brings you good memories even for just days of stay in hotels when you are on a holiday accommodation in Melbourne.
Nothing is more fun and exciting than to experience a holiday. If you want to feel like you are at home yet you are on a holiday experience then you can have this. Every hotel and apartment hotels do offer this kind of accommodation in a very affordable way. You can always check on and see the difference from each of the rooms and hotel accommodations. To give you a summary about the difference of each hotel here are some of the things that each hotel accommodations may differ,


1.    If you want to be entertained while strolling around the hotel area then you can get to experience the art exhibit. There are not so many art exhibits in the world that can truly amaze you. Experience the different way of indulging in art.
2.    If you want to have some privacy then you can enjoy our stay in their rooms where you can see the tallest building from your rooms and see the beautiful lights from afar. Beautiful views like these are rare and you have to treasure them while you are staying in one of the great hotels in Melbourne.
3.    Crazy shopping can be done when you are in the streets of Melbourne. You get to have all the nice things with all the affordable and luxurious things you can have, There are boutiques and souvenir shops in the hotels and you can get a good price for that,
4.    A good transport can get you anywhere. You can have the choice whether you want to go biking, walking or riding on a train and cab. Whichever you would like you can always have them. Do check out for the best accommodations can offer,
5.    A good food is what makes the soul and body relax aside from sleeping in their beautiful and huge bed. As it makes you comfortable eating is another way to make yourself relax. There are restaurants that offers good food and affordable ones also. There you can find restaurants everywhere , you can find inside the hotel and outside the area.  These restaurants may have the same food offered and some are different.

A good holiday accommodation is what you have wanted to give yourself. DO enjoy checking out and take pleasure exploring the different kinds of holiday accommodations in Melbourne. Give yourself a break and relax in the livable city in Melbourne. Have fun and enjoy.

Different Holiday Ideas You Can Try With Your Love Ones

Are planning to take a holiday and you don’t know what it is? Oh well this article will help you decide on what type of holiday you can try out with your family which can truly make the money worthwhile. To begin with here are the following holiday ideas listed below.

Go To The Seaside – Going to the seaside of the UK, is one of the fascinating activities you can do with your family. The place is truly a different environment from the city. Not only you will witness the calm and resonating ambience of the countryside. Seeing seas are not your usual day view when you are the city so you will absolutely enjoy just sitting by the beach and play with your kids. Seaside Places like Brighton is one of the famous and visited tourist destinations and eastbourne has one of the most breathtaking views amongst them, and this place you should not miss, why? Eastbourne is famous of its white cliff and this considered as the top 1 on the list visited.

Go to Theme Parks – Theme parks are seasonal and will only open during summer. If you plan a holiday with your family then this is the right time to take them to holiday as kids are off from school. Theme park can  go be adventure, educational, horror and many more.  But kids are most likely want to visit adventure rides plus you can also come along with them if you want to. If you want some adrenaline rush Thorpe park and Alton Towers are on top list, wide range of fun activities and adventure awaits you which suited from all ages, and this absolutely good choice for family outing.


Caravan Holiday –  Caravan holiday is one of the coolest and most exciting holiday you can give to your family. Just hire a holiday caravan where you can take and visit places without worrying a place to stay or dine in. All you need to do is to find a coolest place to stop where you can spend quality time with your family. There are so many places you can go, but in order to have a perfect outing for everyone ask your kids or companion their expectations so you can book for the right place for the family.

River Cruising at Thames – Another holiday ideas you can try in London is ro try the famous river cruising see here at river thames. Be fascinated with its fantastic views at night while cruising the river of thames. Though you may fin this expensive but the experience and  fun is worth spending for, for the facilities and services offered check . This river cruising in London is one of the most interesting activities you can do, also it is very romantic as the views at night are very spectacular because London will light up their city with vibrant and exciting colors, truly an art.

5 Ways To Plan For A Caravan Holiday Park

So you are planning on a holiday? Take time and plan up to the last detail. It is always best to have everything set up and not to miss on anything.  Going on a holiday really takes a lot of effort from packing things, having to do a grocery list and the kind of food you and your family needs. Also the budget you need to set up. Make sure you have the right budgeted and have some extras because you will never know the unforeseen events that will happen along the way.

Those are the only normal things for you and for other to do whenever you go for holiday. There are different types of holiday and the best of all holidays are the ones that are located in UK. These are the Caravan Holiday. Do check out for more information about caravan holiday park. If up to now you are still wondering what to plan about your caravan holiday and where you will spend it, then here are the 7 ways on how to plan this.


  1. Plan first your budget – if you want to spend on a type of caravan holiday park that has all the facilities you want , consider your budget. You do want to have complete facilities that you almost live in your own house or in a Think if you are able to meet the demands of the price.
  2. Plan where you will be spending the caravan holiday park – there are holiday parks that have everything you and your kids would love. Make sure they do have the things and the facilities you love. Some holiday parks have entertainment for kids and adults indoor pool, outdoor fishing place and allowing of pets to be brought to the place.
  3. Plan your own comfort – make sure the place, the facilities , the entertainment and the price would be comfortable for you. NO matter what if the price is affordable or not as long as it has a good quality then you should think twice before saying yes to this.
  4. Plan for your things – do plan the things to bring for you and your partner and your kids. Make a checklist on what to bring. This will really help a lot. This would really work out 100% and your personal stuff and people will not be left behind.
  5. Plan to include everyone – make sure that you include everyone in preparing your kind of holiday. It is preferable that everyone should have a talk and perhaps a meeting every day  and do updates.  Do delegate the task properly so that everyone should be responsible in their own ways.


Planning is the best thing you should do. Follow the steps in planning and for sure everything will be organized. Do not go on a holiday where you are not sure of the anything. Most important of all enjoy the best caravan holiday park you will be at.

Small Ship Cruise: Relax, Enjoy, and Go to the Sea

Have you ever experienced a trip at sea while not on a business trip? Have you ever experience going on a trip at sea on a small ship or yacht, for your personal vacation or group vacation? If not then go and have that experience because it is worth it. For busy people such as yourself, you need to have that relaxing experience wherein you are far away from all your duties and just take that one of a kind vacation.

The sea is a place to relax and enjoy yourselves with the adventure that awaits. You can travel to several different islands that makes you forget for a while of all the responsibilities you have at work. Everyone needs their rest and relaxation. If you plan to travel to the South East Asia, Pacific, Turkey, or even at Greece then it is your chance to do some island hopping because there are a lot of small ship rentals and service available on those areas. If ever you go to Greece for example, then do the right thing and enjoy a vacation at sea by going to different islands and locations that are only accessible through sea.


Small ship cruises are becoming more and more popular as time goes by because of how it greatly differs from the experience when you go on a cruise on a big ship. When you are in a big ship, you will be sharing your experience with several other people that you do not know and you will not have time to meet and greet all of them because of it being a huge population wherein if you enjoy your cruise on a small ship then you can experience and build moments with the people on the ship because not only is the maximum capacity low in which you can meet and greet the people within but you will always be in a comfortable scenario because they are not too much people who may create discomfort for the ones aboard. You can look it at for more information about small ship cruises.


In order to have the best experience at sea, you should go look for the best small ship cruise service provider wherein they will ensure that you will be safe and secured on your journey. You should also look for service providers that are already experienced and have a regular maintenance on their small ships because ships are highly maintenance to avoid potential dangers in the sea.
With all the things being said, what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy the sea. Do take time to think about it because it is an assured experience that it will be worth it. Do not put too much pressure on yourself with all the duties and responsibilities at work, take some time off and refresh both your body and mind. You have a lot of small ships to choose from and you can check your choices at